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December 2, 2018

I want to THANK YOU all for supporting this page by liking, commenting and sharing my posts.

I hope it is making a difference (even if it’s a small reminder at times) to the way you value yourself.

I want to clear one thing though that this is not a “we hate men” “we don’t need a man” movement. It is more a place where you can be inspired, motivated and empowered to be the best woman you can be – the best mother, girlfriend, wife, sister, aunty, daughter, grandmother and carer you can be. Women all throughout their lives have these demanding and at times challenging roles. It is imperative that as women we join forces and support one another during all these trying stages of our life. We should be proud of each other’s achievements be they personal or professional.

Women are the strong pillars of the home and society and I truly believe that when we are happy, everyone around us are. We have indescribable power and strength within us to be and do anything we want and I just really want women to believe this. The energy and happiness we radiate is so powerful.

But I would like to talk about something that may possibly upset some of you, but I want to start a conversation about it.

We are living during a time where women’s expectations of a man is skyrocketing. They want all the luxuries, all the material things from a man – not only do some women want these things – they’ve come to expect them and most are not ashamed to say it.

I recall having a conversation with some girlfriends as they were discussing their weekend that had just past and one girl mentioned the fact that one of the men that her friend was chatting with her that night was in fact married and to my shock and horror, she replied “I don’t care, as long as he pays for my rent” and she WAS NOT joking.

Now this is happening, I’m not that naive to think it isn’t happening but I still get shocked each and every time I hear things like this or similar stories.

Women don’t need to be with a man simply to benefit from him for material possessions that only give you temporary happiness. Possessions are a luxury not an entitlement. And some women these days feel they are more entitled than ever. Yes, we all like to have them but not gaining them in a deceitful, dishonest or misleading way.

And sadly, we are living during a time where some women compete, compare, undermine and undercut one another to get these “luxuries”

Some can be so catty with one another. They compete for the attention of a man and at times get quite nasty damaging relationships and more importantly friendships. Is it really worth it ? There is no shame left anymore. Now, I’m not in any way implying that this relates to most women. Most women are humble, loyal, have self respect, values and morals.

You may choose to be with a man that is wealthy that can and will buy you all those luxuries but what happens when that wealth disappears or you get replaced? So do you leave and move on to the next supplier? Or would you rather meet someone and build your empire together because when love is genuine and sincere you can be a powerful force together ?

When we lose our inner strength and power and when we give someone power by neediness and desperation, we lose connection with ourself – we will never ever be truly happy. It is simply a temporary facade that some women put up and most times, that facade fades with time.

Rather than be this way, be a woman of substance, resilience, power and strength, not a woman of deceit, betrayal and manipulation.

Be a brave, courageous, ambitious and hardworking woman, not a woman of resentment, jealousy and subsequent failure.

Be a victorious, humble, determined and graceful woman rather than cheating, dishonest and scandalous.

Choose passion and compassion over cruelty and wisdom and humility over wickedness.

Also, connecting, being vulnerable, and respecting a man is not giving up your power, its quite the opposite, actually. There is nothing more powerful to a man then when he meets a women who shows him not only she has a great deal of respect, value, and care for herself but also for her partner as well. In reality, it demonstrates your confidence, security, and openness. That is truly beautiful.

You don’t need a man to buy you handbags because you can yourself with hard work, ambition, dedication, commitment, focus and determination be successful and in fact #buyyourownhandbag whilst having an amazingly supportive man by your side cheering you on (or even without one cheering for yourself) ????

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