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Script, Life, Movie
November 6, 2018

Your Script, Your Life, Your Movie !

You are the Producer, Screenwriter, Stage Designer, Editor and Director of your own movie called “Life”

As a Director of our life, we can pick the cast – choose which actors will be part of our story, our movie, choose the ending and make it a blockbuster.

Similar to the way the Director wants the best people to work with, those who will pull together to make the best film possible, as the Director of our life it is important to choose carefully who we allow into our lives and who we allow to remain.

Sometimes this means cutting off friendships or relationships, removing toxic people from our lives, editing our story. If you have had a bad scene, you have The Power to re-write the scene and re-shoot it. You should congratulate yourself for re-directing the story and taking it into a new direction, it sometimes can be a bold and brave move.

Be the Sole Director in the unfolding story of your life. For me, this has meant ending some relationships – not allowing the people who did not believe in me to have any influence in the decisions I made. The people who are now in my inner circle are those who back me, encourage me and challenge me to grow. My circle became smaller but my vision got larger.

Transition from Actor to Director – instead of being told what to do in your life, you as the Director, call the shots. You direct the action, direct the outcomes, tell the story to give the maximum impact, to make the best movie possible, to live the best life possible.

Our life is an epic production. Isn’t it amazing how we can jump straight out of one drama into a comedy, out of one adventure into a thriller, or from a horror movie into a fairytale. It’s like jumping from one movie theatre to another but you walk out enjoying all of them with the highs and lows of each scene.

You get to be the star of your life so don’t cast yourself as an extra, play the leading female role. You are the creative force behind your life. It all starts and ends with you! There is nothing more empowering than that.

So just remember that you are holding the clapperboard of life to assist you with each scene so when you grab it, scream out “ACTION” and make your life a box office hit ????

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